Letters to the Editor

You’ll be surprised that flags are hiding in plain sight

A BND letter from a local mayor that applauded Scott’s recent air show and open house was spot-on. As an Air Force veteran I couldn’t agree more. We all can take pride in our country and its military heritage.

His assertion that public display of the American flag has become passé is up for debate.

The O’Fallon community maybe the exception but it is awash with flags and not just on holidays when flag flying is encouraged on our downtown streets. Every day seems to be Flag Day here!

Members of our church donated thousands of dollars to purchase a 35-foot flagpole so students who attend our academy have a place to congregate for the annual “See you at the pole” international prayer gathering.

My wife gifted me with a flagpole for Christmas a couple of years back. Now an illuminated flag flies 24/7 at our house. It’s just one of many flagpoles on my street.

I frequently drive around our fair city with my 10-year-old grandson as copilot. We sometimes pass time by playing the “flag game.” We pick sides of the road and then see who can find the most American flags.

Many local businesses and organizations have flagpoles and flags. Others should be enthusiastically encouraged to join in.

One resident along Scott-Troy Road constructed a bigger than life full-color wooden flag.

I encourage that mayor to play the flag game. He’ll be surprised that flags are hiding in plain sight.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon