Letters to the Editor

This factual knowledge apparently makes me a racist

If a frequent contributor’s comments had not been so hateful in tone, perhaps his thoughts would have been worth serious consideration. The contributor’s own words, as set forth below, can be evaluated by others:

“True racists are easily identified when: they blame African natives for selling their people into slavery; they complain about black people receiving preferential treatment; they point out that slavery ended in 1863.”

According to the contributor: If I know African natives brutally sold their brethren into slavery and I ascribe moral culpability to them for having done so, if I know America’s affirmative action policy of racial atonement has detrimentally impacted other citizens, if I know slavery ended in America in 1863, then this factual knowledge apparently makes me a racist.

The contributor also makes a cryptic statement about how “people born on third base, in the game of life” (whatever that phrase may mean) should not tell “African-Americans how they should behave and live their lives.”

I have two points to make.

If I was “on third base,” it was because I grew up in a nuclear family where my father faithfully cared for and supported his family by working a job he didn’t particularly like. If I suggest the singularly most corrosive blight upon the African-American community is that 72 percent of all black children are born into fatherless homes, I guess I have impermissibly told African-Americans how to behave.

Chris Tabing, Coulterville