Letters to the Editor

A ‘precedent’ doesn’t make it a law

“Col.” Lee Pitzer’s latest blab is full of the usual innuendos, half-truths and questionable information. First of all, there is no law that requires a president to release personal tax information. In fact, most presidents didn’t. Because there was a “precedent” doesn’t make it a law. As far as former intelligence chief James Clapper’s testimony is concerned, he has gone back to Congress on a number of occasions and admitted he has provided false information. In response to Pitzer’s allegation that President Donald Trump is “trying to muzzle the press,” I would point out that the liberal press has ignored many of the actions of President Barack Obama, which were illegal, by-passed our Constitution or were lied about by him or his staff. I don’t think that Freedom of the Press means for the news media to ignore stories that reveal illicit actions by their liberal buddies or allows them to print unconfirmed “news” items obtained from some unknown person who is usually the reporter him or herself, which degrades a Republican president. And speaking of authoritarianism, where was Pitzer when Obama took his horrendous Iran treaty to the UN for approval instead of to the U.S. Senate as required by the Constitution or Obama said that if Congress would not give him what he wanted, he didn’t need them for he has “his pen and telephone”?

Leon Anderson, Collinsville