Letters to the Editor

Hoping Skip Kernan runs for office in the future

I’d like to thank Skip Kernan for his work in getting Mine Haul road reopened despite string opposition from St. Clair Township politics. I called Kernan two years ago to see what could be done to reopen the road. Imagine my surprise when he returned my call over the ensuing months. I made many calls to Kernan on this matter, and he not only returned all of my calls, but he actually called me a few times! Not many, if any, in St. Clair Township do that. Take note, Dave Barnes and Mark Kern.

When questioned by the press on matters pertaining to St. Clair Township, the reply is always “no comment.” I would think that as elected officials, you owe us a comment on any question posed to you.

Jim Hursey, the newly elected road commissioner who has yet to learn the “no comment” routine, was asked about the reopening and replied that the road should never have been closed in the first place and it will be a good project when finished. He added that had he been commissioner, he would not have approved the project because of budget concerns. Considering the millions of dollars wasted by St. Clair Township politicians, the fact that they balk at spending $200,000 to fix such a dangerous intersection is telling.

Thanks again, Mr. Kernan, for all your work getting this project done in spite of power-hungry Township politicians. I hope you run for office in the future.

Jim Hanvey, Belleville