Letters to the Editor

Why is St. Louis so uncooperative when it comes to crime?

Do you ever watch the TV show in the A&E Channel called “The First 48”? If you do, how can all of these other cities, i.e., Tulsa, Dallas, New Orleans, Miami, Birmingham, Memphis and Atlanta, just to name a few, and the citizens cooperate with police departments to get the killers? The citizens are Hispanics, Cuban, Mexican, white and black and with a lot of cooperation. Why is the St. Louis area and all of these other communities so uncooperative when it comes to crime? Then evidently black lives don’t matter, as at least 95 percent of all murders in St. Louis and surrounding cities are black on black crime. If you want not to be identified, you can call CrimeStoppers and leave a message and remain anonymous.

James J. Harrigan, Waterloo