Letters to the Editor

What do you think is more important to a Democrat?

Southern Illinois Democratic lawmakers are selling you down the Chicago River again. Mike Madigan’s bobbleheads, Jay Hoffman, Jerry Costello, Andy Manar, James Clayborne, and William Haine support Senate Bill 1, which allows Chicago’s failing school systems to receive Southern Illinois educational money. Why should Southern Illinois taxpayers fund Chicago school systems mismanagement? Because the Chicago Teachers Union gives millions in campaign contributions to Democrats. The CTU has four separate organizations distributing money to Democrats. What do you think is more important to a Democrat? Campaign donations or your child’s education?

Senate Bill 1 requires a portion of the pooled funding to go to the failing Chicago Teachers Pension system. Why should our local educational tax dollars go to bail out the Chicago’s Teachers Pension? The corrupt CTU (Chicago Teachers Union) collects $28 million in dues. In 2014, the CTU had eight full time employees whose salaries were over $100,000 a year. Why do the clueless Chicago teachers pay dues to a union that doesn’t support their welfare?

It boils down to this. Southern Illinois educational monies will be pooled and a portion redistributed to the failing Chicago teachers pension system and schools. Although Southern Illinois school districts supposedly won’t receive less money than last year, most won’t receive any increase. That means your property taxes will continually increase because you are now funding both local Southern Illinois and Chicago schools. Thank your local Democratic lawmaker for giving you the Chicago Madigan treatment again.

Pete Hill, O’Fallon