Letters to the Editor

Springfield isn’t doing us any favors

First of all, I believe everyone willing to work hard should make a fair wage. Many college grads aren’t making $15 an hour in their first job. $30,000 a year works out to about $14.50 an hour.

I just had one of my good clients in the fast food industry tell me they NOW won’t touch Illinois because of this $15 an hour situation. I was working on a local deal in a town that would love to have his product. We have done numerous deals in towns that rarely get chain fast food and the towns are ecstatic to get these employers. They employ many workers in Illinois.

This is a sad state of affairs, no pun intended.

He is pursuing opportunities in our surrounding states like Arkansas and Indiana.

I am still a big believer in the metro-east but Springfield isn’t doing us any favors.

Tim P. Johnston, vice president – Illinois Market, NAI DESCO