Letters to the Editor

Showing support for local law enforcement

Last week, I witnessed the fiasco on Frank Scott Parkway West in front of the James Hodgkinson house. The Sheriff’s Department had the road blocked off from South 11th Street to Concordia Church Road with deputies manning the roadblocks. It was hot and the deputies were bearing the heat performing their duties. I felt a need to support these officers and decided to furnish cold drinks to them. I had a couple of cases of cold bottled water on hand and decided to hand them out to help replenish their lost fluids. I felt a sense of satisfaction in this deed, partly because of helping a brother officer. Shortly after, I witnessed a much greater support from a local business that furnished food to these deputies. Dennis Keck, the owner of Smokin’ K’s BBQ in Millstadt, furnished pulled pork sandwiches and servings of shepherd’s pie. I spoke with Mr. Keck who stated that this was one way to show his support for local law enforcement. Such a heartfelt gesture. Thank you, Mr. Keck.

John Klaus, Belleville