Letters to the Editor

These painful memories should never be forgotten

I totally agree with Terry Hunt, whose mind is filled with snake venom. Hopefully he doesn’t contaminate some of the more liberal thinking citizens of Trenton.

I proudly confess that I happen to be one of those nitwits he speaks of.

History often allows us to return (mentally) to the past in order to avoid duplications (mainly errors). Judging by the tone of his letter (poisoned mind blinded by racial hatred), he would love for the history of slavery and its unbelievable horrors to be buried in the sand, never to resurface: black, loving mothers placed on auction blocks along with their chained spouses and squealing children, mercilessly sold to the heartless bidders. Entire families were separated from each other and transported throughout the entire states, never again to see their loved ones. These painful memories should never be forgotten.

I suspect that Hunt also feels that the Holocaust never existed, and if it did, bury its history also.

I suppose I should dislike him, but as cousin under the skin whose ancestral relatives (both his and mine) are from the motherland (Africa), I refuse to allow myself to stoop to his level.

If he’s in doubt as to who he thinks he is, I suggest he read Genesis. He might find that all human beings are relatives from the motherland.

The Confederate statues he appears to be so fond of all represent the horrors of slavery.

William C. Currie, Centreville