Letters to the Editor

We are a long way from civility

To follow-up on my “When Will Civility Prevail?” — it was Madonna who spoke of thoughts in blowing up the White House. It was Kathy Griffin holding a fake bloody severed head resembling President Donald Trump in her hand. With William Shakespeare’s intent to address the consequences of violence, I’m not suggesting banning “Julius Caesar,” in Central Park, but I’m questioning their motive. With the three examples, would they have said or acted out such, if it were a President Barack Obama or a Hillary Clinton in the White House?

The congressional shooter, James Hodgkinson, is solely responsible for his actions. However, his association with “Terminate the Republican Party,” speaks volumes on social media’s role in today’s civility as well.

After the shooting, The New York Times immediately wanted to blame it on Sarah Palin for her political action committee map targeting Democrat districts back in 2011. Then, the Times alleged this led to Jared Loughner’s shooting rampage, Gabby Gifford his primary victim. This was immediately debunked then, yet the Times chose to resurrect it again.

Now, Rep. Martha McSally (R.) represents Gifford’s old district. In May, Steven Martan was arrested by the FBI for threatening McSally via voicemail messages stating her days “were numbered” for her support of President Trump. As I wrote before, “...words have meaning.”

We are a long way from civility and I’ll provide more as to why soon. As what McSally had to face at town hall meetings from left-wing activists and more.

Russell C. Fette, Collinsville