Letters to the Editor

Treating African-Americans like helpless idiots is counterproductive

When will black people be held accountable for the human slaughter emanating from black communities? Continuing to treat African-Americans like helpless idiots is counterproductive. When Caucasians buy banquet tickets or contribute monetarily to the colored people’s organization, what are they buying? Everyone surely knows that integration is not the panacea. Some responsibilities cannot be run away from or integrated as euphemistically referenced. Many of us seem ignorant of black history from the end of the Civil War until now. Blacks strenuously object to statues commemorating Confederate generals, but they are totally ignorant of the vitriol and viciousness directed at black people by Caucasians after slavery ended. Black people were routinely lynched, savage and brutal attacks on black people were common and the sadistic humiliation blacks were subjected to remains heartbreaking. Blacks must learn the meaning of “Jim Crow,” which referenced the hateful, tortuous treatment blacks were forced to endure. In many counties in Illinois, black people are duped into regularly voting for candidates of the political party known historically as the Jim Crow Party. Sadly, few blacks seem to know that in 1909 when the NAACP was founded, the Caucasians who financed it made a clear distinction between colored and black people. Caucasians favored colored people because many of them looked white; many of the same Caucasians often loathed black people. Black people must understand the Colored People’s agenda based solely on integration is no longer relevant.

William R. Lambert, Edwardsville