Letters to the Editor

Disappointed in biased BND coverage of national news

I’m disappointed in the BND and their biased coverage of national news. In 2009, McClatchy Company out of Sacramento, California, took over publication of the BND. Of the 29 daily papers McClatchy publishes, most are liberal leaning papers.

While the Editorial page has stayed fairly neutral, the articles on national news with the byline McClatchy Washington Bureau are extremely one-sided.

Recently an article appeared about James Comey’s testimony before Congress. The headline of the article was, “Comey says Trump lied, pressed him to drop Flynn probe.” Nowhere in the article does it say that Donald Trump was correct when he asserted that Comey told him he was never under investigation. The lie, apparently, was Trump’s reason for firing Comey; however, the president has the power to dismiss the FBI director at his discretion. Saying Trump lied about the reason is irrelevant.

As far as Trump pressing Comey to drop the Flynn probe, I watched the testimony and Comey testified that Trump said, “I hope you can let this go,” which doesn’t exactly pass the smell test for obstruction of justice.

The article mentions that Comey leaked information to the press on his private talks with the president. Unfortunately, the article makes it sound like it was a noble act instead of the personification of a disgruntled employee who wanted revenge.

The left has been trying to get rid of Trump since election night and Comey is one more dupe they are using to achieve their goal along with willing reporters.

Cindi Miles, Belleville