Letters to the Editor

My son may die if this plan becomes law

Thank you for this opportunity.

I was on the first teleconference call that Rep. Rodney Davis held a few months ago. I was also fortunate enough to be one of the callers that were allowed to ask a question. My question was regarding my concern for healthcare for my adult disabled son. I explained that my son has many physical ailments and is on Medicare and Medicaid. I stated that I already contribute money from my teacher retirement to help offset some of his healthcare costs. I expressed my grave concern for his future healthcare needs/costs.

Rep. Davis assured me that the new healthcare plan would not harm the delivery of service to my son at all. He then shared some of his family healthcare needs.

Imagine my surprise when I read reports from different agencies stating that under the new proposal that Rep. Davis voted for — Medicaid would be cut by over $800 billion.

I am a retired teacher trying to do my best for my son. I feel I was misled. I can’t afford rising premiums. I can’t afford to supplement my son’s healthcare monetarily much more than I am presently doing. I am very upset that it appears my representative voted for party over people. And yes, my son is one of those people that may die if this plan becomes law.

Theresa Morrison, Edwardsville