Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on Hodgkinson, heroin addiction, use of tax dollars

Will not be afraid

This in response to Joe Ostermeier’s, “War Against Hate.” Over the past few days, my wife and I have visited London, the beautiful city which finds itself front and center of the most recent wave of disgusting attacks by another cowardly foe. Every police siren, screeching car tire and ambulance caused all nearby to turn their heads with a worried look, all of us sharing the same sinking feeling. We attended the first day of the reopening of the Burrough Market to a very large crowd and almost all involved holding their heads high. Patrons were welcoming vendors “home,” donations taken for victims and their families and police officers thanked for simply being there. The message was loud and clear, “We are free and we will not be afraid.”

No more Hodgkinson

I believe the BND has given enough publicity to the Belleville shooter. Continuing to publish these kinds of stories only gives those sickos out there fuel to feed their personal vendettas. I believe it is time to move on and put this story to bed.

‘Not violent’?!?

The stupidest quote of the week comes from the friends of the social-liberal who shot people in Washington, D.C. His friend from Belleville said that James (Hodgkinson) is not a violent person. Can you imagine the damage he could have done if he had been violent? How ridiculous. The man shoots over 50 rounds from an automatic weapon and he’s, “not violent”?

Blame Limbaugh

In an indirect, but very clear way, one of the people responsible for the shooting at the congressional ballpark was Rush Limbaugh. We probably could connect the crazy guy that runs the Belleville radio station as well. They spew hate every day without any connection to reality. Those are the kind of people who impacted the person who did the shooting. I feel sorry for him. Lies repeated over and over again become believable.

Kitten stomper

Regarding the young man who stomped a kitten to death because he couldn’t take it on the MetroLink, how hard would it have been to release it into the woods? Maybe what “goes around, comes around” in jail.

Two hours a waste

I was turned away from the environmental waste recycling event after waiting patiently for two hours. I could see staff looking at all the cars but thought surely they have a plan in mind to handle this volume of cars. No plan at all. The person in charge should have been evaluating the situation and asking for a police member or one of their staff to get at the back of the lines to keep more cars from queuing up. It was a great idea, but whoever was at the helm needs to be held accountable for poor decision making.

Dumping on Haz-Mat day

St. Clair Haz-Mat day — what a joke. We went at 10 a.m., only to find lines blocks long at both entrances, and not moving. We ran some errands and returned around 11 a.m., and found lines even longer, all the way onto Route 159 and still not moving, so we took our items and went home. Folks want to be “green” and do the right thing, but it must also be convenient. There needs to be a much better plan for the next one. Also, on being green, what about all the pollution from hundreds of cars idling for hours on a hot day in a residential neighborhood?

Jay the Builder

Jay Hoffman should refrain from making statements like, “We built the interstate system.” The man has never built anything and has no idea what it takes to design and build a bridge. He should concentrate on getting cushy state jobs for his political buddies and keep his opinions to himself.

Silent Jay

Jay Hoffman came out of his hiding place to bad-mouth IDOT over the Illinois 15 bridge. No surprise there. Why wasn’t he so eager to talk when his crony political hiring habits were recently revealed?

No work, no pay

I hope that Gov. Rauner and the lawmakers have not been taking their paychecks for the last two years. They’ve not been doing their jobs. I hope money hasn’t been going to their pensions. If I didn’t do my job, not only would I not get paid, I’d be fired. They cut everyone else’s pay and pension. I don’t think they should get paid until we have a budget and that they don’t receive back pay. It’s just not right.

Trashy service

Belleville provides very few amenities for residents who pay very high property taxes. Here is what Mayor Eckert and the Council give us for our hard earned tax dollars: 1. Streets in dire need of repair. 2. Shabby parks with old equipment. 3. No pool. 4. TIF money to rich people like Eckert’s. 5. TIF money to people without checking them out like Hofbräuhaus. Now, they want more money for the only real services they do provide — trash pickup. I am tired of giving money to Belleville. Maybe on this one, the city should consider letting us choose our own trash service. If they can’t cover the cost, then let us choose.

Aldermen abstain

After reading the article on the Belleville trash fee, should some of these aldermen have abstained from the vote? I wonder what gives them the expertise to vote on this and saying it should be more than $2. How many meetings has Alderman Gaa missed in the last six months? What is his record and status on his trash and sewer bills when he was sworn in? First, teachers take taxpayer’s paychecks and now aldermen take taxpayer’s paychecks.

Defending Trump

I am compelled to speak out because of all of the hateful letter writing about the president. The left has a talent for being cynical. They feed upon despair like a starving person does upon a loaf of bread. What about taxation without representation?

Addict’s desperate parent

I have tried everything to save my daughter from her heroin addiction. “Save yourself,” was what my boss told me when I asked for time off to work on this. That was 15 years ago. Nothing about my daughter’s addiction has changed. I collected the phone numbers of the drug dealers she called and took them to the police. They told me that they didn’t want them. I collected all of the evidence that I could find of her drug use, the paraphernalia, to the police station. They told me that they didn’t want that, either. I’ve spent days on the phone looking for a treatment center. The wait list was long and to even get an appointment to talk to someone took 6 months. We never got there. I don’t know what to do.

Waiting for mental help

I recently had a family member that was in need of help with mental health issues. I was surprised with how hard it is to get in to see a doctor who specializes in psychiatry and psychology. To even talk to a doctor in southern Illinois, some had waits of two to three months. Unless you wanted to cross the river, even then, it took a few weeks to talk to anyone. It is sad that it takes this much effort to get some help whether it is for detox, PTSD, whatever. You’d think that we could make this process easier.

Death for poster theft

If you’re going to a country known for countless human right violations, don’t do anything that would get you in trouble; like stealing a political propaganda poster. North Korea doesn’t like Americans in the first place. They are watching and waiting for you to do something wrong. Otto Warmbier’s death should be a lesson for anyone visiting these dictator-led countries. These people are murderers and could care less about you.

Hot about fireworks

About illegal fireworks in Millstadt, I was on the fireworks committee for Millstadt for the 4th of July. We had a wonderful display and we still do. But, several years ago, because of a new subdivision, they had to move the display almost a mile out of town for safety. This took away from the event because it is a mile away and hard to see, not as attractive. But now, the subdivision shoots their own fireworks off. Millstadt police and the village board turn their heads because of who the guy shooting it off is. I think that’s wrong and the police need to step in and shut this guy down.

Letters of hate

BND, quit printing these horrendous hate letters that people send in. The worst is Jim Walters of Belleville. Please stop printing the letters. You’re only adding to the problem.