Letters to the Editor

County justice system may have missed opportunity to stop shooter

Our county justice system may have missed an opportunity to deny the Alexandria shooter the ability to legally have any firearms. Despite my pro-Second Amendment stance, there are legal restrictions on some owning a weapon. The subject was charged with domestic battery and appeared in court, but at one of the court hearings, the “witness” did not show up for trial. However, did the second witness not show up? If neither of them showed up, did the prosecuting attorney request a continuance to subpoena the two witnesses (if this was before the unfortunate death of the one witness)? Could the trial have proceeded with officer testimony or any other witness (neighbor or bystanders)? Had he been convicted of domestic battery, it’s likely the federal Lautenberg Amendment, Title 18 USC, Section 922,(g)(8), would prohibit his possessing a FOID card and the ability to legally possess and buy weapons and ammunition. The amendment also applies to anyone who has a protective order issued by a court against them for domestic battery or assault.

Phil Henning, Smithton