Letters to the Editor

She wouldn’t lie about such a thing, would she?

Well, well, well. The Donald should have smooth sailing with everything that he wants to accomplish with his administration, now that Nancy Pelosi has proclaimed from the floor of the House, that she prayed for the success of the Trump presidency. It’s full steam ahead with his agenda. After all, if the leader of the Democrat Party in the House of Representatives has given her support for Trump, the rest of the Democrats of the House, who wouldn’t dare oppose their party leader, should fall in line as she supports his endeavors. I mean, you don’t pray to the Heavenly Father for something and then ardently fight against what you have just prayed for. You have to take her for her word that she did indeed pray that Donald Trump’s presidency be successful. After all, she wouldn’t lie about such a thing, would she?

Gerard Luebbers, Carlyle