Letters to the Editor

Another view of the Virginia shooting

The Virginia shootings are not a “simple” gun control topic per-se, unless you look at the totality of that subject beginning with the vetting process.

This letter is not about gun control. Moreover, hopefully it’s a thought-provoking rhetorical questions about bullying, not the typical bullying we read about, but rather the unexpected effect(s) of bullying on the mentally unstable.

Can the incessant unabashed, non-tempered, destructive, divisive spewing of vitriol with “no constructive underpinnings” cause unforeseen and adverse actions?

When it appears that everyone/everything a bullied person hears from “piles-on” incessantly about something they already don’t like isn’t there the chance that the bullied person could take on a God-complex and decide “Well hell, I’ll fix this myself”?

Another question might be directed to the late night show hosts, the hags like Kathy Griffin and the SNLs of the world, whom get paid to ridicule but not for their political knowledge or prowess, is this; If you have nothing constructive to say is it maybe time you stick with what you are actually paid to do?

The “be nice, you never know what someone may be going through” that I see from time to time is true.

I believe that James Hodgkinson, who already had great disdain for current government may have been, to some extent, a victim of the bullying of the, at least marginally, mentally impaired. I am in no way absolving him of his actions, rather just expressing an opinion.

Randi Neal, Belleville