Letters to the Editor

St. Clair County hazmat event was well publicized, but poorly executed

The St. Clair County Hazmat pick up on Saturday, June 17, was a FIASCO. At 1:30 p.m. I arrived in Swansea to find huge traffic backups. After 30 minutes I had moved six car lengths – only because six cars ahead got out of line and went home! When I finally reached a county representative, he told me the wait ahead of me was at least an hour, and since the pick up closed at 3 p.m., whether I was even able to drop off my material was “a crap shoot.” When I asked what I was to do with my hazmat, he said “double bag it and put it out for the trash”! If this is the official policy, why even have a special hazmat day? Let’s just all put our hazmat out for regular pick up!

Bottom line: The event may have been well publicized, but it was very poorly planned and executed. St. Clair County definitely needs more dates and locations! In the meantime, the landfill will get my hazmat.

Richard Meyer, Belleville