Letters to the Editor

Don’t wait until something bad happens to care

How much more has to happen before people just lucky enough to live here acknowledge the extremes of apparent climate change? We seem to walk around concerned more with how bad the Cardinals look and what the heck our neighbors are doing than something that is changing our life and the future of our children. I can’t tutor you, but I still expect most of us to care.

U.S. Highway 1 is closed on the California end due to landslides from rain. This has never happened before. Salt water is entering the Everglades because of land lost to rising waters, and it is killing every species that has lived there for thousands of years.

Never happened before. There are more tornadoes than ever before in the Midwest and more hurricanes of stronger size in the Gulf and the Atlantic coast. White sharks are now plaguing swimmers on the California coast. Never happened before. Oklahoma has five times more Earthquakes due to fracking than ever before. Yes, there have been climate changes before but not this sudden, and we could manage this if we spent more on this and less invading foreign countries.

This summer we will see bigger and stronger mosquitoes and other insects that will ravage many lawns, animals and people. If not here, then nearby. Don’t wait for your daughter to become pregnant with a malformed grandchild from Zika before you start to care.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville