Letters to the Editor

City of Belleville needs transparency

I wonder if Alderman Roger Wigginton remembers meeting with Dallas Cook regarding Missionary Ventures. Cook met with each alderman, the mayor and the city treasurer regarding this project. Cook was right. Cook told them the Kellers didn’t have the money and that they were looking for investors for the project. The Kellers produced a handout for the investors. Cook gave a copy to all the elected officials for their review.

The aldermen approved $2.8 million for a sewer to nowhere and $38 million in tax incentives. They approved a development agreement with no completion date. This is absolutely delusional. Who is running the city? Who is advising to sign off on development agreements with no completion date?

Aldermen, your job is to keep the people safe – keep cops on the street, make road repairs, fill potholes and keep a balanced budget. You keep bonding the people’s money to the point no one will be able to afford to pay their taxes to live in Belleville.

If the Kellers need to feel good with helping out the Oblates, let them ... keep the taxpayers’ money out of it. The Oblates (Catholics) are one of the richest businesses in the world. Mayor Mark Eckert told city council that Rome had vetted the Kellers. Ha! Then why do they need taxpayer money? The amount of money, time, and effort in entertaining the lies is exhausting.

The city needs transparency. Wigginton needs to issue a press release with his findings from his daily updates from the Kellers.

Lillian Schneider, Belleville