Letters to the Editor

Chicago brass knuckle politics

State Rep. Jerry Costello Jr.’s Op-Ed to place most of the blame on the budget stalemate on Gov. Bruce Rauner has no merit. Rep. Costello is good with gun owner rights and local issues, but he voted for Speaker Mike Madigan and so is on the Madigan team. That’s Chicago brass knuckle politics, no matter how you look at it. We got the Quinn tax increase, but the debt grew. Gov. Rauner is working hard to improve the state and save our middle class from more taxes and more government. Speaker Madigan’s tired phrase of “saving the middle class” is meaningless. Our taxes are going up, the debt is going up, unpaid vouchers are going up, but our population is going down, and our economy is going over to Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin. Rep. Costello, “Soldier Up” and stop siding with Chicago politicians. If this keeps up we won’t have enough citizens to man a battalion, much less a brigade.

Phil Henning, Smithton