Letters to the Editor

No paychecks until a budget is passed

In Springfield we seem to have a Senate that is incapable of meeting their legal obligations ... repeatedly failing to pass a state budget. They can agree that the word “Friday” ends with the letter “Y” but not on much else. These are our employees. We pay them to conduct activities that we, the general public, cannot do ourselves. I think that it’s pretty safe to say that any business with employees who are unable to perform their duties would not continue paying them and would quickly replace them. Therefore, I suggest that until they resume properly executing their duties and pass an approved state budget, they receive no paychecks! No work, no pay, it’s as simple as that. Second, in Washington, we also have much acrimony and dissent regarding replacing Obamacare. I have to wonder whether our representatives in Congress would be willing to enroll themselves in any of the proposed health plans? There is a viable alternative already in place, however. An alternative that our representatives assure us is cost effective, efficient, and effective. I therefore suggest that everyone currently under Obamacare be offered the opportunity to enroll in the congressional health plan. After all, if it’s good enough for our employee’s it should be good enough for us too ... shouldn’t it? At the very least, I would suggest that whatever plan is proposed as a replacement, that our elected representatives be required to enroll in it right along with us, dropping their congressional health plan enrollment.

J.L. Hickman, Fairview Heights