Letters to the Editor

The beginning of a new Republican Party?

The Republican Party just might be on the verge of saving itself. If they can repudiate the Tea Party destruction of healthcare it might be the beginning of the Grand Old Party’s escape from the populist cult. It might be the beginning of a new Republican Party that truly has the nation’s practical interests at heart.

Some within the GOP are coming to the realization, vis-a-vis healthcare, that the heedless adoration of the Trump cult could quickly and savagely turn on the Republican Party if things get substantially worse for cult members — such as if they were to lose all possibility of healthcare. The party has to choose now in the case of healthcare between ideology that has grown unrealistic and malevolent, and doing practical good for the American people.

The Republican Party has been a great benevolent force in American history. The Democrats have no exclusive claim on true liberalism. But now the effects of globalization and automation on the nation have created a great challenge for government. Old 20th century ideologies, right or left, shall not be sufficient going forward. Leaders must needs start thinking “outside the box.” Some sort of government support for our standard of living is essential. All we need now is for our government to come together to hammer out a practical program that shares burdens and benefits as widely as possible.

Stephen Jellen, Edwardsville