Letters to the Editor

Higher chicken prices due to chicken industry greed

Higher chicken prices may be coming, according to The Wall Street Journal, and it’s likely thanks to chicken industry greed.

Today’s chickens are bred to grow so quickly that they reach “market weight” when they are just six or seven weeks old. Growing so fast causes a variety of health issues, including skeletal deformities and heart and lung problems. These problems are even worse in the chickens who are kept alive longer for breeding. So-called “broiler breeders” are starved in an attempt to counteract their genetically modified obesity, but this, combined with their many health problems, may be decreasing their fertility. Fewer eggs leads to fewer “broilers,” and that leads to higher chicken prices.

If you no longer want your hard-earned money to go towards supporting chicken industry cruelty, try switching to any of the many tasty, healthy vegan chicken products, such as Beyond Meat or Gardein. For more information, visit peta.org to order a free vegan starter kit.

Alisa Mullins, PETA Foundation in Norfolk, Virginia