Letters to the Editor

‘If all the industrial nations went to zero emission ... it would not be enough’

I found it refreshing to read Ronald Trimmer’s addressing my letter without the vitriol, which has become so common in recent days. It is my contention as is that of many in academia that the issue of “climate change” is far from settled when it comes to a perceived increase in global temps, it’s all-important cause and what to do about it. Lamentable that so many academics feel great pressure to keep silent and now there is even a movement afoot to criminalize those who challenge the Climate Change Doctrine.

Yes, past climate disasters before smokestack industries existed does not disprove current global warming (if it exists), but a look at the long-term pattern in climate and weather does call into question human causality.

Sadly and underreported is the introduction of CO2 by agriculture in the third world. Increasing populations have resulted in the clearing and burning of vast tracks of forests to make way for agriculture. The burning of these forests not only adds to the production of greenhouse gases (equal to all carbon-based industries in the U.S.) but exposes vast stretches of lateritic soils (high in heavy metals) which quickly oxidize and become unproductive within a few years triggering the clearing of more forests and the release of more CO2.

As to the words of John Kerry that Trimmer feels were taken out of context, he said, “If all the industrial nations went to zero emission — remember what I just said, all the industrial emissions — it would not be enough.”

Mark Godwin, Lebanon