Letters to the Editor

Figured out why Obamacare has failed?

A little perspective on failed Obamacare. Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare (seniors) to fund the Obamacare expanded Medicaid program. Medicare does not pay doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies what it did before Obamacare? Thank you, Democrats!

Medicaid expansion was Barack Obama’s trick for signing up more people to become dependent on the Obamacare program. Obamacare will fund the Medicaid expansion until 2020, when the states will be required to make up the difference of the Medicaid expansion. The bankrupt state of Illinois is behind in paying their Medicaid bills now. Where do you think the clown state will get the additional money to pay its expanded Medicaid obligation in 2020? Here is a clue! It won’t! California now has over 3.8 million and New York has over 2.1 million on Medicaid. That’s over four times more people than other states on expanded Medicaid. Now you know why the largest welfare states of California and New York voted for Hillary?

Remember John Gruber? He’s the Obamacare architect, who said the “stupidity of the American voter” helped pass Obamacare. Expanding Medicaid was his idea. Unfortunately for America, they estimated each Medicaid enrollee would cost $4,281 the first year, but it cost $6,366. The CBO estimated Medicaid expansion would cost $42 billion in 2015. It actually cost $68 billion – 62 percent higher. Figured out why Obamacare has failed?

Pete Hill, O’Fallon