Letters to the Editor

John West, thank you for taking the time to research and respond

After writing about wide disparities in community property tax bills in St. Clair County and the perceived taxation of only O’Fallon property owners for the St. Clair County GEN fund, I got a response from our representative on the County Board — John West.

There was no dispute of the wide disparity of total property taxation rates for the various communities in St. Clair County, which ranged from approximately 7.3 percent of assessed value for Fairview Heights to over 23 percent for Cahokia. That still boggles the mind!

However, West explained the perceived discrepancy in the St. Clair County – GEN line and St. Clair County — OTHER line as having two components. First, the mailed property tax bills for all property owners in St. Clair County reflect both lines, but the County’s online website only shows St. Clair County – OTHER which is what I saw. Second, the online amount shown for St. Clair County – OTHER is actually the total of both OTHER and GEN amounts shown on the mailed property tax bill.

Just wanted to share the response with the BND readers and personally thank West for taking the time to research the issue and sending me a response with his findings.

David Vail, O’Fallon