Letters to the Editor

Billboards are for business, not personal messages of hatred

Free speech from some folks, like Bob Romanik, isn’t always easy for intelligent people to accept, much less understand. But even the worst examples sometimes must be tolerated, ignored, or overlooked in a society that allows for freedom of expression. Free speech is something we should cherish, even when we must endure the ranting and ramblings of an individual who admits to having severe psychological problems on a daily basis, on his hate-filled, filth-laced radio show.

It was to my delight to read in the BND that someone had painted over the billboard on South Illinois that crudely depicted our county board chairmen and his family. OK, it’s a free society, so for one month leave the sign and that allows even a despicable convicted liar his right to free speech. Done. Any longer, it’s downright distasteful and mean.

I’m glad someone had the decency to remove from my sight, Bob Romanik’s crude self-indulgence on South Illinois Street. I can easily not tune into his hate-filled radio program. But I have to drive by that disgusting sign daily.

If the vandals are caught, in lieu of prosecution, I hope the judge sticks a medal on their chest and then thanks them for their community service. Billboards are zoned to generate business, not to indulge one lunatic’s personal message of hatred and racism.

Brad VanHoose, Belleville