Letters to the Editor

Thank you for the Father’s Day message

I wish to thank the anonymous lady who called on Father’s Day and left a message as to how much she had appreciated my previous letters to the paper, and she encouraged me to keep it up. I also would be remiss if I did not thank another anonymous person who said the same in Sound-Off several months ago. I have the frequent pleasure of thanking locals I meet when they learn my name.

They often complement me on the letters and encourage me to continue the practice.

This positive and complimentary attitude stands in stark contrast to another Father’s Day experience. An in-law of mine, at a family gathering that day, blew up and cursed me in the vilest terms, because I had mentioned letter writing and the complement I had received that day. He then stomped out of the gathering. Nice ending to Father’s Day. He is supposedly a religious person who attends mass almost daily, but he cares not at all about the less fortunate among us, a non-Christian attitude that Jesus would not applaud. His main interest is lower taxes, and he is, therefore, a rabid right wing Republican with no compassion. I suppose we must, unfortunately, conclude we have all types and opinions existing among us, some extreme and malignant.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon