Letters to the Editor

Nut jobs come in all races, creeds and political parties

Conservatives have lost their minds over the recent shootings in Virginia. Nutjobs like James Hodgkinson come in all races, colors and creeds and political parties. Since the orange buffoon has been in office, there have been three terrorism deaths in the U.S. due to right-wing white supremacists, none by Muslims and none by left-wingers.

Since 9/11, left-wing terror attacks have killed eight people. Right-wing terrorists have killed 48. So, just get off your phony outrage over those nasty liberals.

The Republican Party now openly tolerates white supremacists within their ranks. They are Steve Bannon (Catholic) in the White House, Congressman Steve King (Catholic) of Iowa, and Congressman Greg Gianforte (Christian) of Montana. They are all Republicans and there are surely more. Congressman Steve Scalise (Catholic) once spoke before a white hate group founded by David Duke.

The FBI has been investigating white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement ... especially in the South.

The Democratic leadership is completely incompetent for not exploiting the fact that a lack of gun laws allowed a Republican to be shot by a nut job, who should not have been allowed to have a gun.

You can’t fix stupid, whether it’s the lack of courage and imagination of the Democratic leadership or the voters who were fooled by an orange haired, con man who lies every time his lips move.

Gene Robke, Carlyle