Letters to the Editor

Foundation of the American experience is honest questioning, listening

Are we capable of maintaining a Republic anymore?

Are there enough citizens willing to do the work that self-rule requires, or have we become a people who would rather be for, fed, clothed, housed, and told what’s best for us by a parent-like state?

A good example is the recent school lunch programs, being told what kinds of foods to serve. From a firsthand observation, the students would take their tray to the table, maybe, drink the milk, get up and take the tray back to be dumped — this was a healthful lunch the government wants them to eat, while they ate steak for lunch.

If you understand the threat to the Republic, it is your duty to wake up your neighbors and discus candidates and ideas they have in the next election. No discussion or debate is un-American. Honest questioning and listening are the foundation of the American experience. Listen to the song “The Living Years” by Mike and the Mechanics.

John Schrand, Belleville