Letters to the Editor

Rebranding the Democratic Party

So, with losses in Georgia and South Carolina the hew and cry from Democrats is that they need to make their “brand” clearer. As if branding was the issue, instead of their dealing with the real positions they hold. How will they re-brand “abortion on demand”: “We humanely recycle organ tissue from dead babies”? Or federal take over of municipal and county governments: “Our vision of how to run things is better than yours and can only be managed by bureaucrats and regulations from the nation’s capitol”? Or confiscation of rifles and handguns: “You don’t need those when you have a government to protect you. Let’s melt them all down and use the metal to erect a statue to, say, Saul Alinsky.” There’s more than re-branding needed from that party. Ask Native Americans about trusting the ruling class brands and labels from Washington D.C.

Richard Wagner, Highland