Letters to the Editor

Save up and get there early

Contrary to the views expressed by some recent letters to the editor, I thought the Hazardous Waste Day was excellent and a very efficient operation. I got there early when it started. The entire experience, including wait time, took 10 minutes. I had a large load of old batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, oil-based paint, fertilizer, etc. The worker who assisted me took it all without question or hesitation. When I remarked that I had been storing up all of the things in anticipation of this special day, he remarked, “That’s great. That’s why we’re here, but you wouldn’t believe the number of people who show up with one light bulb or one battery.”

Hmm ... maybe that’s why the lines were so long later in the day.

My opinion and $2.29 will buy a cup of coffee at Cracker Barrel where coffee is normally $2.29. But my advice is for people to save up their hazardous waste for the next time, and get there early. But don’t blame or criticize the county or the workers who really did a great job.

Ken Williams, Swansea