Letters to the Editor

Eager to learn sentence of kitten stomping man

I was extremely upset to read that Decalos Johnson-Foston threw a kitten off the MetroLink platform and then proceeded to stomp on its head!

Just because he could not have it on the train!

That innocent kitten did nothing wrong and it was reported a lady offered to take the kitten and most likely would have given it a wonderful home! God bless you, lady!

No, Decalos flew into a fit of rage and killed an innocent kitten!

I sincerely hope Belleville News-Democrat follows this incident. I am eager to know what sentence will be imposed on this mean man.

I would like to add I have two cats; one is one and a half years old, and I have had him since he was four months old. The other is part feral and is one of 13 cats my father had when he died in 2009. She is nine years old, and I took care of her since she was a kitten. She has been an awesome addition to my family.

I thank God each day that I have two cats; they make my life enjoyable.

Donna Kepner, Belleville