Letters to the Editor

What I believe in

I believe absolutely in the freedom of speech if it is publicly attributed to a named speaker or writer. Anonymous speech and unnamed sources should be completely ignored.

Whenever you feel compelled to disparage those who try to be “politically correct,” just substitute “common courtesy.” Then ask yourself if you are capable of it.

Disability payments should be re-certified by a doctor annually to be continued.

I oppose abortion. I strongly support birth control: condoms, pills, preventive surgery, and abstinence.

I believe in local government administrative consolidation to reduce expense.

I support sales taxes on merchandise, but oppose sales taxes on food in grocery stores and restaurants.

I oppose term limits for elected government officials. That is what voting day is for.

I oppose the death penalty. But if that penalty is imposed, it should be carried out within one year of conviction or be automatically commuted to life in prison without parole.

I support a flat-rate income tax for both individuals and businesses. No exceptions. No deductions.

I believe in America first and buy American. But I do not believe in turning my back to the rest of the world and slamming the door.

I am disgusted by the oxymoronic beliefs of Old Testament Christians, by the irrational condemnation of other religions by Islam and Sharia Law, by the misogynistic pronouncements of ultra-orthodox Jews, and by the paternalistic subjugation of women by all three religions.

David J. Busse, Maryville