Letters to the Editor

Trump could cure world hunger and still be criticized

I get that Lee Pitzer is a Democrat, and based on his letters, he obviously hates Donald Trump. He calls Trump a buffoon and says he just doesn’t understand how well-educated, stable people over 50 could possibly vote for Trump. To me it’s funny that Pitzer and other liberals heap vitriolic negative personal attacks on Trump, but never acknowledge his successes. I’m convinced that Trump could cure world hunger and they would still criticize him. Sure, I know Trump isn’t the most articulate speaker like most slick politicians and he tweets some questionable things, but so what? What I admire about him is that he is working hard to implement smart policies that will help America. Since his inauguration five months ago, the stock market has soared; job-killing regulations have been eliminated; employment is increasing; illegal immigration has diminished to a trickle under Trump’s leadership; criminal illegal immigrants have been arrested by the thousands. World respect for the U.S. has increased substantially since Trump’s backing of our allies in Europe and the Middle East and his strong response in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Additionally, he’s working hard to replace Obamacare, which is in a death spiral. Once this happens Trump will pursue reducing taxes for both individuals and businesses. Can you imagine what these initiatives will do to expand our economy and jobs! There are lots of other positive things Trump has done or is doing to improve America, but I suspect that Pitzer will never acknowledge that.

Les Harris, Freeburg