Letters to the Editor

It’s amazing how a politically distorted mind works

It’s really amazing how a politically distorted mind works. A snippet from letter writer Lee Pitzer’s recent mental contribution reveals he may benefit from some couch time.

It’s common knowledge Hillary Clinton illegally mishandled tens of thousands of classified emails (including top secret). According to the FBI and intelligence agencies, they most likely fell into the hands of foreign governments. She even deleted them, then bleached her server. Anyone with nothing to hide would do the same, we’ve all done that. Pitzer compared a meeting between President Donald Trump and the Russian Foreign Minister to Hillary’s actions. In that meeting, President Trump in the interest of possibly saving innocent lives brought up the “already known” possibility that laptops may be used on flights to blow up planes. This is an actual quote from Pitzer’s letter, it’s too bizarre to make up: Hillary “could have compromised classified information” while President Trump is “guilty of divulging highly classified material to the Russian Foreign Minister.” Whoa!

It’s absolutely stunning how the lunatic leftie’s perceptions are so diametrically opposed to the truth, not to mention their attraction to politically motivated violence and suppression of free speech. The more outrageous the lefties are, the longer Republicans will continue to dominate. Please Democrats, don’t come to your senses.

Gary Like, Highland