Letters to the Editor

We just love to hate

We just love to hate. The taking pleasure in disliking someone or something. This forum has examples of this every day. I thought with the GOP victory last fall, the tenor of many of the missives would take a different tone. Was I ever wrong! Then after some reflection I realized everyone loves to hate. When I was young my grandmother just loved to hate certain villains on Wrestling at the Chase. I have to admit I found commonality with my contemporaries in my feelings towards Richard Nixon among many other politicians. More recently, I find contemptuous effusion of all things Kardashian. What I failed to realize was the loss of the cathartic release of hating Barack Obama had to be redirected. And so it has.

What is notably different today is the intense vituperation towards anyone not sharing the vision of their political advocacy. Those mean spirited invectives are thought to be best driven home with personal insult for good measure. A comedian recently opined that a partisan would gladly set his new car on fire if he was assured the opposition would have to choke on the smoke for an hour. I could not of said it better.

Michael R. Sweeney, Caseyville