Letters to the Editor

Who did the Russians want to win?

Unstable Reality Leigh Winner wanted to join ISIS. She was arrested for leaking documents showing that Russian military intelligence attacked U.S. voting software and local election officials. Edward Snowden, who has been in Russian hands for four years, could have shown them how to do it.

Could this have impacted our presidential election?

President Barack Obama tried to establish a connection with Russia. He placated them by reneging on the missile defense shield with Poland. He also told President Dmitry Medvedev that after the 2012 election he would have “more flexibility” to deal with Vladimir Putin. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demonstrated she too wanted a Russian connection when she offered Russian officials her embarrassing plastic toy “reset button.” And during the presidential election campaign she promised to continue the Obama legacy.

So if the Russians did influence the outcome of our election, who did they want to win? Would they want Clinton who they knew was easy to bamboozle or the relatively unknown and unpredictable Donald Trump?

So Clinton was right after all to point the finger at the Russians. They were involved in our election. But it was to help her not Trump.

David B. Smart, Ballwin, Missouri