Letters to the Editor

Guns are legal, crime is not

There are legal uses for guns. Know the difference. Streets are not a shooting range. Mental corruption should not be tolerated. There is a place for those kind.

You don’t own the right of way. A friend just lost a family member to the freedom of a pistol-packing thug. No one owes them a right to be a target. Criminal is breaking the law.

Bullet holes through our windows didn’t happen by accident. Those left loose on the streets take our right of way. There was no law.

Another time my sons and a neighbor boy were used as targets. Shots went over their heads, also done on our property. Those kind think they own the neighborhood. Abandoned on the loose.

A remark by the authority, I should shoot back. Sorry I was not taught to do what they get by with.

They remain what they are – a rot to their own existence. Who cares? Guns are legal; crime is not.

Betty Storll, Edwardsville