Letters to the Editor

Sad to see how deeply elitism dwells in our society

It is very sad to see how deeply elitism has come to dwell in our society. A vice president for NAI DESCO, the Schnucks Real Estate organization, complains that he lost a deal due to the $15 an hour minimum wage. If his clients believe this is excessive, they too don’t understand.

I can’t think of any labor job that has not had increased income in years. If he thinks that $30,000 a year is too much, then he must make more than $100,000 which would leave him incapable of empathy for those workers. He lost his client because of that. Neither has done the math. The point is, most minimum wage workers – from fast food to convenience stores – do not make that because their employers only employ them “part time.” They probably make less than half of that. And by doing so, they avoid a lot of fringe benefits required by law.

Still, their earnings are much less after paying sales taxes, state and Federal income taxes and Social Security. And that is why he should appreciate what they do.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville