Letters to the Editor

Let’s see who’s the real cause for trash removal fee increase

Let’s see who is really the cause of the rise in the price of trash pick up. What you may believe it is not the city of Belleville as I see it. What I read is that the city pays per pound for dumping our trash and a price for all recyclable items that is cheaper than dumping trash.

So what do I see as I walk around past those big trash bins we set by the curb? I see many items that should be in the recycling bin. Cheaper we are told than going to the landfill. I see lots of old metal items that should be recycled or toss down at Paul’s to be recycled. He takes all items. I am talking bed frames, ironing boards, metal pipes and any and all metal items. Newspapers tossed in going to the landfill. Lots of places to recycle them. Cardboard is all recyclable. And lets not even go to aluminum cans. People just will not do that either. They get tossed on top of our trash never to be reused again. Why? No answer for that either.

So why do we not do this? Only the person that does not recycle knows. I guess they just want to pay more and more for trash pick up. I do not. Maybe laziness or that person maybe making money on that item. Who cares if they make money on it you are paying more for not doing what we all know is the right thing to do: recycling all items we can.

Rodney R. Ringgenberg, Belleville