Letters to the Editor

Start holding Republicans accountable for their lunacy at the polls

I suppose Republican voters are joyous now. Their Senate joined the Republican House to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. They’ve purported the ACA is failing and this action is necessary to “save” it. But actually, Republicans aren’t looking to “save” anything and don’t care if this makes it impossible for millions to afford health coverage.

Contrary to their rhetoric, the intent was never to reduce deficits or improve access. It’s to use money from the ACA to give the wealthiest 1 percent a huge tax cut. It’s essentially a gigantic transfer of wealth from the poor, disabled, and middle class, into the pockets of those already rich.

This abominable bill will undermine our public safety net and reduce the number of insured Americans by well over 20 million. The GOP appears to have no conscience. With their benefactors’ money, they can control the public dialog with advertising and endless propaganda, and don’t even care how bad this looks.

What can’t be ignored is that gutting the ACA will lead directly to the deaths of over 20,000 people annually, because the medically indigent won’t be able to afford care they need. This obscene and heartless bill apparently isn’t a problem to GOP legislators and voters.

I’m convinced many Republicans hate liberal democracy and poor people more than they love their country. This measure provides further evidence to reinforce that. Those who’ve been too lazy to vote had better rise up and start holding Republicans accountable for this this lunacy at the polls.

Kevin Gagen, Belleville