Letters to the Editor

Backlash from fireworks concerns voiced on Facebook

I posted on our neighborhood Facebook page concerning a resident shooting off fireworks in the middle of a street blocking our way home after a long trip. Wow, did I unleash venom from one young lady who called me an “a-hole” and suggested I move to East St. Louis. You can interpret her comments. A male poster, whose LinkedIn lists him as the General Manager of a local union, suggested I get a cardboard badge and a plastic gun. He and another male poster raised the “old fogey” canard that I move to Florida or an Arizona retirement community. Of course, many homeowners here are over 55 having worked hard to live here. I know my neighbors are great people so I take solace in that. As we celebrate our freedom, these commenters should remember that 58,220 members of my generation lost their lives in Vietnam. In 15 years of letter writing, I’ve never had this type of angry responses. Thank you, readers.

Phil Henning, Smithton