Letters to the Editor

God’s notebook

A little girl said, “We’re like a bear.”

Popular science shows a double page covered with peppery colored specks representing 100 billion galaxies in the cosmos. Our sun is not even one of them. As Carlo Rovelli says, we are in infinitesimal speck, one of 100 billion stars inside one of those specks. Heavens to Galileo!

Now if a space traveler approached our sun, he’d still have 93 million miles to go, and the nearest star is circa 30 trillion miles, and he’s find us covered with 70 percent salt water.

Well Dad said, “Where you going?” and I’d say, “No place.”

Well, according to them trees, I’d go 50 mph into town, otherwise there is something pulling me up or there’d be nothing pulling me down, and I’m spinning around the sun near 1,000 mph and orbiting around the sun at 66,000 mph, and the sun mills around the Milky Way, seems as the cosmos chooses. Anymore I’d have to peek in God’s notebook.

We won’t be hard to find if he comes. To quote Rovelli again, “We’re what’s left of Homo sapiens. We’re the ones that went to the Moon, and the only ones who care.”

Here we brave fires, comets, meteorites, floods, blizzards, hurricanes, famine, droughts, tsunamis, etc.

Well, a lady said she was gonna make a pie from scratch, and Carl Sagan said first she’d have to invent the universe. Of course Sagan is right, and maybe the little girl too.

Joe Fontana, Roxana