Letters to the Editor

We urge the passage of a budget that fully funds K-12

I am writing in response to Pete Hill’s letter from June 21. SB1 is a win for every school district in our region and in the state. A report released last week by the nonpartisan Center for Tax and Budget Accountability states that SB1 disproportionately aids downstate schools as they are less adequately funded, on average, versus the rest of the state. With the new dollars in SB1, our districts will be able to maintain, sustain and improve the great schools we have.

SB1 is the only bill that has passed the General Assembly and is the opportunity in front of us to fix a school funding formula that has been broken for decades. Illinois’ chronic underfunding of schools applies from Cairo to Chicago and districts in between — only the zip codes change. SB1 is the difference between fair funding for all students and the status quo. With additional funds, we could bring back the programs and activities we have had to cut in recent years. When accompanied by revenue and a fully funded budget, SB1 is a good public policy and a solution for all of us.

With the start of school less than two months away, we cannot let another year begin with an inequitable formula. We urge Governor Bruce Rauner to sign SB1 now, and we urge the passage of a budget that fully funds K-12.

James Greenwald, Granite City CUSD 9 Superintendent