Letters to the Editor

How to make ends meet

We often learn of the fact that many working people have a difficult time each month making ends meet. I am offering some advice on this subject that will seem unsympathetic but is not intended as such. The first item to go is the gas guzzling truck, to be replaced by a high gas mileage car. Next is no tobacco products for any family member. Consumption of alcohol products is restricted and the brands would be the less expensive variety.

Live visits to the ballpark will be limited to once or twice a year instead of seven or eight. In winter the thermostat is turned down and in summer up. Groceries will be healthy and the less expensive varieties. All leftovers must be consumed, not thrown out. No new clothes until the ones you have are worn out. If they get too tight, lose weight. Instead of dining out once a week, it will be every other week, and a modest restaurant where you get your money’s worth. No foolish or extravagant purchases of any kind. A barber kit costs $12, and a family member becomes the barber, and trips to the beauty parlor would also be reduced. Well, if all of the above is implemented then monthly ends may meet.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon