Letters to the Editor

BND readers sound off on state tax hike, healthcare, township nepotism

Belleville fizzles

During the Fourth of July weekend in Belleville in past years, you could watch a softball game in a city park or go to the pool. You could hear a patriotic concert at Bellevue Park or watch the fireworks at SWIC. This year, nothing. Belleville is no longer an all-American city.

Chicago’s lackeys

Remember these names: Beiser, Cavaletto, Greenwood, Hoffman, Meier. These are our representatives who voted for the tax increase. Elected, but they don’t listen to voters. They have their own agendas with the Chicago politicians up-state. Now, there’ll be more money flowing to Chicago for Madigan and his cronies. Illinois is going to be worse off now than it has ever been before because of our traitor representatives. Remember these names on election day, if you still live in this state.

Toss the rascals

Cullerton, Madigan and Rauner all need to go. Each has proven himself either incapable or unable to do the job that the people of Illinois hired them to do. They have made Illinois a national and international laughing stock and have brought the state to its knees, one step above junk bond status. Remember when it comes time to vote. We can find better people than these three.

Ashamed for Illinois

As a citizen of the state of Illinois, I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed that we can’t pay our bills. I’m ashamed that we’re losing the lottery. I’m ashamed that we have junk bond status and will probably lose more money in the long run. I’m ashamed of all of the taxes and fees that go north to Chicago. I’m proud to be an American but ashamed to be from Illinois.

Toss taxes at it

When Illinois democratic legislators don’t know what to do, they raise our taxes. That’s all they know how to do to cover their management mistakes. They need to address the problem and not spend our money to cover it up. They’re famous for it. Look what the guy from Chicago said who wrote this bill. They haven’t a clue.

Slap doesn’t secure us

What was Judge Haida thinking when he sentenced the man who was accused of robbing another on the MetroLink platform? The wanna-be robber only got two years probation. The very same day in the BND, it was reported that $3.6 million was being spent on how to improve security on the MetroLink. I’ll remember this slap-on-the-wrist sentence when it comes time to vote for Judge Haida.

Bonded supervisor?

Alvin Parks, the new supervisor of the East St. Louis Township, has rightly condemned Mr. Hamilton for not being bonded. Is Mr. Parks going to be bonded?

Hamilton sequel

Ex-mayor Alvin Parks is in charge of the East St. Louis Township office and what a job he’s doing so far. He wants to fire everyone working there and bring in his own people. The administrators have already started shifting salaries. Politics are alive and well in East St. Louis. It makes you wonder why the citizens aren’t outraged. Somebody tell the FBI not to go too far, the sequel to Oliver Hamilton is just getting started.

Delivering for Democrats

It costs taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars every year so the good old boys in East St. Louis deliver the Democratic votes, and keep many Democrats in St. Clair County in office. Why else does the same political slime in East St. Louis get reappointed and robs the poor blind? Do you really think Alvin Parks is any better than Hamilton? No one cares as long as the Democrats keep getting their midnight surge of votes from East St. Louis.

More township excess

I enjoyed the story about East St. Louis Township. Thank you, BND. I was wondering if you could do one about Caseyville Township trustees getting paid hospitalizations on top of all of their other perks.

Class vs. trash

The difference between class and trash — when Obama was president, they talked about him like a dog. They said he wasn’t born in the United States. They called his wife a monkey. They talked about his children. But, he didn’t retaliate with tweets or threats. It’s the difference between class and trash.

Exposing truth

According to a Sound-off caller, all of the vitriol in the national discourse is because of Rush Limbaugh. If Limbaugh is guilty of one thing, it is exposing the truth of the left. The left isn’t interested in the truth and they don’t want the truth to get out to regular people. Hence, the vitriol towards Limbaugh.

Poor will die

I feel for the St. Clair County probation officers who have such difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs. They only got a 1.5 percent pay increase this year. I also feel sorry for the people on Social Security disability who make $800 a month and got a 0.3 percent raise. What is wrong with this country? Greed is killing us. The middle class is going to become the poor and the poor are going to die off.

Hands off healthcare

I can’t believe all of the negative propaganda that people are putting out about the GOP health plan. Most of the things they complain about are directly related to the “Unaffordable Healthcare Act.” It was a socialist plan, a farce and doomed from the beginning. I wish the government would stay out of the healthcare business since they mess up everything they get their hands on. I think that anything the Republicans can come up with will be better than what the Democrats had.

Healing healthcare

Letter writer A.J. Wilhemi provided a good rundown on what’s wrong with recent Congressional initiative to replace the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately, like most Democratic leaders, he did not even acknowledge that the good ship Obamacare is rapidly taking on water and will soon sink. Nor did Wilhemi offer any proposals on how to fix Obamacare. It’s easy to identify problems; it’s the solutions that are the challenge.

Let Obamacare implode

For all of the Republicans and anyone that was smart enough not to elect Hillary Clinton, pick up your phone and call your representatives. Tell them to forget about passing a new healthcare law. Let everybody have Obamacare and in the next 18-24 months, when that totally collapses, just sit back and fold your arms. The Democrats can finally be responsible for voting in a bill without reading it. Let them take the criticism from the public. Let Obamacare implode.

Hillary was right

I became a Republican last year after 59 years of being a Democrat. I never thought I would ever again believe anything Hillary Clinton or Dick Durbin had to say. But, Hillary Clinton is right. The new healthcare bill is a death sentence. Kudos to both of them.

Lottery losers

The Illinois Lottery brings in approximately $700 million a year for Illinois coffers. So what do the Democrats in Springfield do? They make sure most lottery games shut down at the end of June, so the revenue flow stops. The stupidity of Illinois’ legislative Democrats is simply amazing. They’re writing the book, “How to Destroy a State.”

Wake-up call

Baltimore letter writer Kinji Scott, an East St. Louis native, has his heart in the right place when he comes to the defense of his self-proclaimed “little brother,” Jeremiah Tillman. It’s hard to agree with Scott’s bottom-line that Tillman has “made it” because he’s in the first days of a full basketball scholarship at Mizzou. The higher you climb, the farther you can fall. Underage drinking is a bad start. Hopefully this will be a wake-up call for the talented 18-year-old and he will buckle down and focus on the prize which actually lies far above.

Kudos to board member

Like letter writer David Vail, I applaud county board member John West for his involvement in county issues and his willingness to go that extra mile to help county residents. He was a godsend for me in dealing with property tax questions and the appeal filing process — an enthusiastic tip of my hat to John.

Refugee dumping

Nongovernmental organizations settle refugees and migrants in the U.S. but are not required to ensure these refugees don’t become burdens to the U.S. taxpayers. Some assist in assimilation while others help maintain ties to their former country. We should change the rules for these nonprofit groups so that they are financially responsible for the refugees and migrants they settle for 5-10 years. And the NGOs are only allowed to operate if they are fully U.S. funded and assist in assimilation. We don’t need NGOs dumping foreigners in the U.S. and expecting taxpayers to support them, especially if they are funded by other countries.

Pastoral care

What is the Bishop of Belleville doing to help the situation in East St. Louis? He has plenty to empathize with many of the people in East St. Louis. But, what is he doing to help the kids who need to be rescued? He flew first-class to Rome to give speeches and write letters that no one understands. Let’s see the bishop get down to East St. Louis and talk to some of the crooked politicians and try to influence change.

Minority power

One of the reasons why electricity rates are so high is that Ameren Illinois has a program to give money to minority contractors. This is directly from the highest levels of Ameren Illinois. It should be investigated by the ICC. Late-payer funds should not be used in a social justice effort.