Letters to the Editor

Trump will eventually need military force to maintain power

Will President Donald Trump succeed in turning America’s military against its people? Like every other despot in history, Trump will eventually need military force — or the threat of it – to maintain his position of power. Will the U.S. military stand down and allow citizens to rid themselves of a kleptocrat and the band of genuflecting minions and jingoes that he and the “Party before country” Congress have installed in office?

The chance that the Trump cabal will eventually subdue, and thus control, the military is plausible. Despite a presidency not gotten by popular vote and steadily increasing opposition from the electorate, Republican legislators continue to lend support to their incompetent president. He in turn supports his Party’s despicable legislation that is destine to turn America into a banana republic that will need to be maintained by military force.

Doubtful? Keep in mind America has not had a military draft for nearly a half-century. The draft maintained the military cauldron in which America’s drafted masses were heretofore compacted and homogenized. That homogeneity assured a balance of socio-political ideology throughout the military ranks, but particularly at the enlisted level. That balance has been eliminated in our all-volunteer military.

Is our volunteer military capable of assessing the historical, political, economic, and, in fact, the global implications of executing a presidential order to suppress the American citizenry? Has our military been able to instill in the rank-and-file a social-political ideology that will enable Donald Trump to become America’s dictator? Time will tell.

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park, Missouri