Letters to the Editor

Democrats can succeed in 2018 midterms, but need backbone

Democrats can take advantage of the unpopularity of Donald Trump and the Republican Congress to win midterms in 2018.

First, replace Nancy Pelosi as the House Democratic leader. She has become a symbol of her party’s poor showing at the polls.

Get more candidates out in “red” states and rural areas where Republicans have succeeded in recent years. Democrats have failed to connect with these voters. One exception is Illinois Representative Cheri Bustos, who won her district by over twenty points when Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the same area by the same margin. She spent time with voters, and it paid off.

Next, show some courage to support liberal causes. One VERY important issue is single payer health insurance. Another is national paid family leave. The only country besides the U.S. that doesn’t have this is Papua New Guinea. Rejoin the fight against global warming. Support raising taxes on the top 1 percent. With some exceptions, the super rich are money hoarders, not “job creators,” as Republicans claim. They park trillions in offshore banks to avoid taxes.

Democrats have to vote in greater numbers. Their failure in the last election was a major reason Trump won. Progressives often don’t vote if they don’t get the exact candidate they want. This has to change! Republicans vote in greater numbers, which is why they win. This seems more “achtung!” than “kumbaya,” but it works.

Democrats can succeed in the 2018 Midterm, but they must show backbone and determination to do so.

Larry Brown, Glen Carbon